Friday, December 14, 2007


mom called me while on her daily walk yesterday. "You should see the water" she says. "It's so calm it's almost reflective". She was heading into RAT when she called.

It made me miss the ocean. If I think about the ocean, I get all melancholy and sad, because I'm not anywhere near one anymore.

She says I should come and visit for a week again. She can line up a couple of details to make the trip worth it for me. It would be worth it either way. To be somewhere warm in December.

My goal in 08- i actually have a couple of them... not to be charged any outrageous fees by the bank for the year. A new bass amp- WITHOUT swapping my old one. It just sounds so good I can't bear to give it up even though it's goddamn huge and not very portable. See my grandpa while I still have the chance. Ah, Temecula...


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Hi pril...
    Dustin is a good friend of my wifes, Lori delivers my mail...small world!
    Jams are at Gussie's, Blue Moon stopped I think...
    See ya!

  2. not so small.. i lived there for 10 years. If you play music, i most likely know most of the same people :P