Wednesday, December 26, 2007

and finish off the night with a little grumble

not like i haven't grumbled all day.

I had to get something out of the Fo this morning, on the passenger side. That's side that kissed the F150 the other day. Passenger door won't open without a lot of effort.

Y'know, the Little Red Truck got nailed in the same place and we had the same problem with it, that I was able to fix with a little bashing and pulling. This one, the flex is so slight, it's JUST ENOUGH to make the door really hard to open. dammit. I mean, when the door is closed you can't tell that it isn't fitting right.

But hey, that side had it's wheelwell cover shredded by a blow-out before we got it. When we get the fender fixed, they'll probably put a new plastic thing in there. And then I won't be able to show off my fix of its flapping that I did last winter with a Low E acoustic guitar string and an ice skate.


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