Wednesday, December 26, 2007

just like that

well it was decided for me. I went ahead and ventured forth in the Scootypuf, headin down 97 at a brisk 40 or so, and right around the goose hollow ranger station, slid off the road. At least it wasn't into a ditch. At least it wasn't into another vehicle, a power pole, or a tree. At least I didn't poop myself.

I've never completely lost control of a car I was in. There was no helping it. What a bizarre and terrifying feeling. Not even enough time to go "holy shit!". Driving along, then SHOOP! Into the snow. What a surprise. So I sat for a minute and figured out what to do. Called the other guy, let him know that I was turning around and going back home. Fiddled around getting out of the snow and headed back. He was cool with it and said it was pretty crappy on the road down there, but he's in the company van that has AWD.

Siping. A great thing. Getting it done today because I have the munnies for it.

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