Saturday, December 08, 2007


Ok our benefit thing is tonight. This thing always makes me nervous. I'm not nervous about playing. I know by now I can hold my own with ANY musician, just about. What makes me nervous is all the other attendant stuff that goes into this. Trying to remember what time to meet who to pick up what and take it where... We plan this thing pretty well, but still it comes down to.. "plug it all in and let it rip".
Five bands!

You've heard the phrase about herding cats... how dealing with a large number of musicians can feel pretty futile sometimes.

Nah. Herding cats.. far less painful. More like juggling chainsaws. I try to be easy to deal with, but I can't believe some of the childish crap that comes from other grownups. We had a big flapdoodle about the damn flyer two days after it was printed... someone was ticked about being called a "supporting act". First thing I did when I read the email detailing the umbrage was think "Dude, get a grip. It's Klamath for god's sake". And then I laughed and chortled over it for a couple of days. It got straightened out (ok someone kissed his ass I guess) but JEEZUS!

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