Monday, March 24, 2008

Another thingie

I jumped in headfirst last night.

In the past, I had only given select people copies of my "#1 hit song". I posted it here and there, maybe once or twice a year, and if you got it then, good for you, because it probably wasn't going to reappear again for a while. Ah, yes, and for good reason, right?

It occurred to me a couple of nights ago to give myself a kick in the ass and get something off the ground. So I opened a new myspace thing up, dropped my song on it, wrote a little bit, threw a picture at it and some "be my friend" things.

So this new myspace thingie is my way of pushing myself to get more of my stuff recorded. It's not like it's a big issue- I have the four-track and I have the way to move it from tape to digital without any big hassle. What i tend to neglect to do is THE WORK involved in recording stuff. I will play my goofy ass shit live for anyone who asks. But record it? That is my brick wall.

We all know I can't sing, and my guitar playing is pretty basic. Neil Young can't sing, and neither can Bob Dylan, so no point in laughing at me because of that. In fact, no point in laughing at me at all, cos i just don't give a shit.

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