Saturday, March 22, 2008

Take my money, already

Big sort of unpleasant surprise at the station this morning. Threw me off for a good half hour before I could get it all working mostly right, and then all was smooooov as old scotch. Unfortunately, no recording exists to share my righteous "winging it on unfamiliar equipment but not wrecking everything" radio show, because that was part of the problem and it had to be dealt with by the station's software engineer.

Next time...

But then, i came home and proceeded to pay bills. I had 9 bills. I was able to pay 5 of them without any trouble. Found that two have to wait until Monday. One of them I waited in line for 45 minutes (big surprise, at the Sprint store) only to be told I would have to call some other number to take care of it. Already after spending a half hour on the phone trying to deal with it. The last one went was unpayable over the phone or online so I headed to a pay station, and then the fun began. I forgot the PIN on our card, and then maxed the retries... two hours later the damn thing was paid but it took an unreasonable amount of brainpower to do it. So yeah I left the house at about 2:30 and got done giving money away at 6PM, and then had to do grocery shopping for another hour and a half.

Well, I was looking for "I Hate Banks", but this is damn close enough.

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