Sunday, March 09, 2008

hope i'm done

having been sick since Christmas, with being hit with one cold after another, several times while the one cold was still very much active. The last one rolled through last week. I gave up on cold medicine. While it often helped, it was getting to be an expensive habit. My ribs and sides are so sore from coughing I feel like I've been kicked.

People are asking me if I feel alright. I feel better than I did yesterday, or last week, or even in the middle of January, but I am not yet back to normal. More than once out in public some friend or another has said, "Jesus! You look like crap!" Thanks! Just what a girl needs to hear. I'm so effing tired, too. I'm down five more pounds, which is okay, I just didn't lose it by eating well and exercising. But I have got to buy some new pants sometime soon.

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