Monday, March 31, 2008

september 14

That's the day after our blues festival. I'm dying for September 13 to get here, because it's going to be a good time, but the 14th is when we will all be able to say, "HELL YEAH!!!! WE did it!"

So yeah, Back Door Slam is headlining our festival. Tony Castro will, as I understand it, be here as well. I don't know who else we have booked right now. But it's all going to rock. Two beer gardens both full of locally brewed beers. On a lake. The weather here in September is usually awesome.

Time will drag until then. Then, it'll be Sept 11, and there will be a whirlwind of crazed, nervous activity until the morning of the 13th and then I will explode with joy to have been a part of it, even though it's a small part. And I will drink until i barf. Or I will barf until I can drink again. Not sure what. I'm sure there will be barfing involved somehow... and drinking, but the order they arrive in may not be set in stone yet...

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