Monday, March 31, 2008


yay today is first day at college all over again #2. I have an afternoon class. I have my books. I have my notebook with pockets and holes and the necessary amount of lines on the paper. I have my swell little school-issued "dayplanner and everything else we think you'll need" book. I even have two pens and two pencils, which I will lose by tomorrow morning.

I have a goal this time around and registered with it in mind. For someone who sets goals usually five minutes in advance and then fails to reach them due to poor planning and ooh! a shiny!, that's really saying something. I'm not going to save the earth, but I will have a piece of paper that says I spent all this time and money to not just learn stuff, but prove I learned stuff and that I'm a productive member of society and have been properly indoctrinated in the ways of prevailing higher education thinking. This will enable me to draw/paint/photograph/etc pretty pictures for a living, somehow. Or so they tell me. I am suspicious, as always.

My friend The Warthogger is 10 years older than me (10 years and 11 days to be exact) and this will be her last semester on a 4-year business & marketing degree. She has been and will be my personal ass-kicker.

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