Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On the Air!!!

Jesus, that shit is fun. I don't know how many listeners there are on a college campus at 9 am on a Saturday, but I kind of don't care.

The Ear Candy show already has something of a structure to it. A good song to wake up to (like Slayer's "South of Heaven"), halfway through do the recordings of regular people playin and singin, something of a theme every week with music to match it (not a crushing theme, just probably ten songs sprinkled in that adhere to it somehow), and the final station ID and heading out with a couple of cover songs. Throw in a little talking with someone, happening soon, and it's good clean fun.

I slipped last week. heh. I let two songs go that had words in that we aren't allowed to say. One had "shit" in it ("suppose... I accidently got my shit together") and another one that had "fucking" in it. What's weird is I listen to these two songs fairly often and the words just didn't even register til I was playing them on the air. lol!

I listened to KXLU and 91x a lot as a teenager. KROQ didn't come in where I lived, but the San Diego version of it did (91x). KWVE, out of San Clemente, was also in there and had a great late night show full of crazy music, but then they went to Christian programming at some point. So those are my radio influences. I loved the KWVE show. There was always a surprise to listen to. Drifting off at 1 am on a school night to Freur's "Doot Doot" song...


  1. That's my *favourite* 900 Foot Jesus song.

  2. yah one of mine, too. Also "afternoon adventure".

    I think the f-word was in Concrete Blonde's "God is A Bullet". I just didn't even realize it was there. hahah!