Monday, March 10, 2008

Toyota takes two!

I watch NASCAR with my Smart Half and with one of my friends. It's not my favorite racing series. I really enjoy GT and open-wheel races, but no one else likes to watch them with me so i tend to not watch them much.

But yesterday I got to holler and be goofy, because Toyota cars took first and second at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I got to yell "Wooooohoooo! Big Three got FACED!!!!" at a Chevy maniac. And even though my friend's driver, Tubby Stewart, got second, it was in a Toyota and I had to give miserable props for it.

Now, my guy in Nascar is Montoya. He's so wonderfully arrogant and he drives car 42, which we all know is the answer to life, the universe and everything. He didn't place as high as I would have liked yesterday. Last year he was in a Toyota and this year he's in a Dodge (aka MOPAR aka Move Over People Are Racing). He should go back to the Toyotas.

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