Thursday, March 20, 2008

we want the airwaves baby

Today I'm just pushing buttons on the KBS show for half of it and then someone else will come in.

But I'm also preparing the songs for Saturday's Ear Candy show.
Last week's "loose theme" was St Patrick's Day, of course, and so I played some songs by Irish bands, songs about Ireland, and some songs that just kind of sounded Irish. Played some Therapy?, "Celtic Aggression" by Tonic, "Hot Asphalt" by Bedlam Rovers, a few other songs.

This week, it's politics. Mostly because the rumor flying around is that Obama is coming to Medford. I have some real gems for this one. "Rappin Ron Reagan". Anyone remember that? Released during Reagan's second race for pres, it's screamingly funny. "Politician" of course, by Cream. "Map of Your Failure" by Big Chief. That's not officially a politics song, but it has a line about "Kissing hands and shaking babies til I turn gray in the face". So therefore it has to be in there. Plus, it has a fantastic groove.

And for The Halfway Point, I'll be playing some songs by my bro Rudy in Ontario. You can hear some of his songs

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