Sunday, June 22, 2008


this weekend was blystock. The fourth annual. It's the first one I've been to. It's waaaaaaaay out in the woods. It's a whole weekend of food, beer, live music and good times. They have mostly local musicians playing for all three days from sun up to whenever. It's dirty, dusty, there are portapotties but no water and people get shitfaced drunk but there are no fights. It's all kinds of people. It's dirty little kids with twelve toes pushing a toy dumptruck around the crowd for hours on end. It's stove-up people sitting on couches in the dust. It's walking around through clouds of sweet smoke. It's Oregon mountain boys and girls, in perpetually brown clothes with skoal rings in the pockets. Bikers, yokels, rednecks and hippies and Indians.

It's a rockin good time and I want to spend the weekend there for the next one.


  1. Was wondering if you might have gotten any pics. My wife and I were to damn busy running around to get any. Let me know please. Thx

  2. Blystock 2009 will be held June 26-28 so mark your calendars now! I'm the mom of the twelve-toed kids, and one of the local musicians. We'll see you next year!