Thursday, June 12, 2008

job griping. move along. boring.

I have got some serious muscles in my back and arms and have a more fantastic pair of legs than I ever have, thanks to my job, but I'm kind of starting to feel it for much longer than I like.

Yesterday I picked up a tote full of frozen stuff with some more boxes of other frozen stuff on top (probably 120 pounds of frozen crap), took three steps and felt my leg muscles go noodly on me for a few seconds. I was in a spot where there was no room for me to put it down and dropping it would have landed all that shit on my feet (which I enjoy being able to use, by the way), so I just had to stand there and think "wow, that feels really weird".

BUT i saw something beautiful, twice. There is a spot on the 97, just about a mile south of the Juniper Valley road, where you can get a totally unimpeded view of Mt Shasta and the hills and lava fingers around it. In this one spot, vegetation is growing back from a recent (less than five years ago) fire. Right now, this area is a landscape of blackened stick trees standing in a carpet of yellow wildflowers- I think it's rabbit browse but i have not stopped to look. Maybe it will still be there next week, and maybe some other colors will appear, too.

And I guess the forest service started doing prescribed burns around and just north of Grass Lake yesterday. Which was weird because it was windy enough to be blowing the scootypuff all over the road.

Spring on highway 97 is really, really nice.

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