Wednesday, June 11, 2008

neato meme thing

hey i saw this over here and I am gonna do it.

10 things I've done that you probably haven't

10. Bought crack cocaine in the Jordan Downs projects from a chick called "Peaches"
9. Tried to get a police officer who was writing me a ticket to sign up to sell Avon under me.
8. Re-measured and re-marked running tracks for almost every stinkin high school and college and university in Los Angeles county from English to Metric.
7. Been almost nailed for driving a "stolen" car. (a non-event!?)
6. Owned a car that all the side windows had been shot out of and drove it around.
5. Unloaded crab boats.
4. Ate shit in a car going 85 mph and walked away
3. Helped set up an Accutrak machine
2. Made missile parts
1. Sat in the cab of a running Amtrak locomotive

maybe interesting but probably only in the worst way. It would be interesting if you had also bought product from Peaches, though.

(well, i am an idiot. I pasted in a link to an Ida Cox video and now I have to find the blog I got the meme from. So, for now, enjoy the song and I'll get to fixin stuff later)

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