Monday, June 09, 2008


Saturday morning i was runnin behind for my show and stopped at the gas station by my house to grab something to eat. I got a banana, a thing of milk and a package of pop-tarts.

I don't like pop-tarts all that much but what the hell, you can take a while to eat them and you don't have to cook them and all that. And the ones i bought were chocolate-flavored (allegedly) so i figured that would be tasty with a banana.

Boy are those things nasty. I probably eat some once a year. Like eating cardboard with chocolate-flavored icing sandwiched in there with more weird flavor stuff on top.

While I was choking a bite down, I read the label. The first four ingredients after Enriched Flour are sugars. Different types. Four different kinds of sugar. Included sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose.

So I read them on the air and disparaged the pop-tarts. "four kinds of sugar, enriched flour, and then a big list of things one cannot pronounce without a brain-sprain".

How can people eat them? Even better, how can anyone feel decent giving them to their kids?!

I ate like five bites during the show, a few bites later, and then split the second one with someone else.


  1. The only Pop-Tarts worth eating are the fruit ones.

    For instance, the Strawberry ones have more flour than sugar, and contain actual dried fruit (in an admittedly small quantity).

    And unlike the chocolate ones they don't taste like total ass.

  2. yeah i've had the fruit ones, including strawberry. It's more of a texture thing for me. It really does remind me of gnawing on cardboard