Sunday, June 08, 2008

See ya. I mean it this time.

I got a call from one of my co-workers on Friday. She said the boss guy wants us to use these new time sheets. Ok. I can do that. Oh and we have to find our old time sheets going back to 4/14 and then re-write them onto the new one and fax it in by 7 am on Monday morning.

I have finals right now. One is done and the other one I have to go in and do in the morning. I have other things I needed to get done this weekend that now will wait because of this stupid thing.

So, again, with my fax on Monday morning, another two-week notice. Won't be talked into staying with the job this time because I won't have time to do the job with the schedule for the summer semester. Plus I have my eyes on one I can walk to. While I love making the drive to Siskiyou county every week, it's costing too much money, the car needs work the job is no longer paying for and it's crap like this- the time sheet thing (why didn't we get this information, say, LAST WEEK? or even two months ago?!)- that pisses me off. And it's pretty standard. Last minute instructions for things that suck up time that could have been done before. Stupid bullshit.

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