Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the wait

agh the only thing worse than wanting something really badly is getting it and having to wait for it.

the new camera should be here BY the 1st. Well, I simply won't have any furniture left by then, having gnawed all the legs off.

The old one I'm sending up to Rude and his mom. It still works, still takes pretty damn fine pictures, but has some frustrating quirks for me that I'll explain for them. Rude's a photographer at heart but never can remember to buy film or process it. Yeah I know how that feels. Hopefully he'll enjoy the old Kodak and stuff.

In other things, Smart Half tells me that his mom has never come to visit him anywhere he's lived, either. So this summer is kind of big for both of us. He and I have sort of similar issues with one of our parents. For me, it's my dad. For him, his mom. I joke that we should introduce them and they can go bowling. They're very similar people. Driven, work-oriented, maybe a little inattentive as a parent, maybe a little oblivious to what their kids needed in the past. Both of them were suspicious of the wrong kids behaviors. Well, my dad's suspicion was perhaps justified to a certain extent but while he was accusing me of stuff, my brother was getting away with much, much more than I ever hoped to.

So yeah. Fun summer. Hoping soon to get MY mom up here, and maybe eventually untether my biodad from his unhappy household for a week or so.

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