Friday, June 20, 2008

i love the universe

last week, as I was driving out to Tulelake, I was designing flyers in my head. The one I was working on particularly was one I had intended to hang around school to offer proofreading services. Another one was something similar to give businesses who do a lot of print advertising. (note to Gibson Concrete- You can't just take Gibson Guitars' name logo and slap it on your 2 x 2 newspaper ad and call it yours). Then, when I came back home, I looked around online for what the going rate is for proofreading and copy editing. Liking what I saw, by the way.

Yesterday at the Third Thursday thing, the girl who is in charge of the company who is doing our web page for the blues festival asked me if I did any copy editing. Why yes, yes I do. I had sent our prez corrections for our page and she sent them on to get fixed. I also sort of lambasted the logo they designed, because in all honesty, it looks to me like someone raided their clip art file and has no idea about composition or using lines to draw one's eyes to the thing that you want to have the most attention. No skill with advertising art, basically. I have also sketched out three different designs for next year's festival because I'm so irrationally hostile to the one for this year.

So she has my number now and hopefully this will work out. I decided on a price and I think it's reasonable considering we're in a smaller place. I am officially burnt on the merchandizing thing.

Oh and the KF City Council has a member that is about to run headlong into our prez. This will be very amusing to watch.

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