Friday, July 25, 2008

and last night's jam...

it was kind of hit and miss. It was hot as fuck in that bar. I played drums first set. And I probably lost a pound or two in sweat. Then played bass. I had let this guy play my bass. He was irritating, demanding, high-and-mighty. I wanted to punch him. He finishes playing and I checked my tuning. Good lord. A full step flat on all the strings except the D, which is down a step and a half. Fucking jackass. This after he spent 15 minutes tuning it, which probably wasn't necessary because I tuned it before I went down there and it stays in tune. Stupid asshole. He's never touching it again. And I'm pretty cool about letting people play my bass.

So, played for a set or two and then someone wants to play Hotel California. Which I hate. And hate it enough that I can't even stand to listen to it long enough to learn it, so I don't know it very well. I'm not playing it. The guy gets all huffy. Dude, he plays it every fucking week, at every fucking jam, every damn gig he plays, and it still sounds godddamn horrible when he plays it. I don't know if it's his tone or the timbre he likes to have his git set at or what, but it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Painful. Makes my ears hurt. And still he wants to play it, even after hearing "No fucking way" from me 3 times. I'm, as usual, the only bass player there. Apparently I'm one of the few that anyone likes playing with, too. Which is nice.

But yeah it was a damn sauna in that place last night. Which makes me grouchy and irritable and then having to listen to the one guys screeching guitar tone and the same crap he ALWAYS plays.. I wanted even moreso to punch someone. I spent most of my time outside. But lots of people gave me compliments and that's always nice to hear.

And i have to add this. Just because you play louder than everyone else doesn't make you a good guitar player. Loud is really only good when you have the tone to back it up. If your instrument sounds like an elephant on crack, best to keep your volume down or risk looking like a total asshole. Jeeezus. Running your 20 watt amp with a handful of tubes in it at full volume doesn't sound as good as the guy next to you with a Marshall 4 x 10 run off a J-series amp on 2. It just doesn't. Face it. And walking off in a huff because you sound like fartz.. well that's just fucking funny if your older than 12.

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