Friday, July 25, 2008


ready to float/paddle/paddle like crazy. Sleeping bag, tent, change of clothes, toothbrush...checkcheckcheck and check.

respirator. ?
Damn near need one.

the day started clear and warmish. I brought home a stray from the jam last night and we and one of his friends spent the morning drinking coffee and giggling. Then I dropped them off at the Safeway to begin their own grand adventure. 1 o'clock I was at le dentiste as scheduled.

I came out at 2:15 and you couldn't see Hogback. You couldn't see KAGO hill. You couldn't see a mile down S. Sixth street. Wind blowing from the west. Where the fuck is the fire? Go look online.. where the hell can you find info about fires? Nothing in InciWeb. Nothing in nifc. WTF? None of the TV channels have anything online. None of the local papers or radio stations do either. Hello? I'd check the Tay-Vay but our cable is off.

We're putting in at Frehn ranch (not sure if it's Frane or Frehn, but there you are), which is westish of us. Hope it isn't what's on fire.

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