Tuesday, July 29, 2008

southern oregon teen idol

I dunno.. is that what it's called?

Tam's daughter is in it again this year. She didn't really want to but got goaded into it by a snotty parent that was not her own. The parent issued a challenge in a rather rude manner, akin to "Not going to the dance because you can't wear the same dress again?". Yah that kind of rude. I wish it was okay to slap the shit out of people like that.

So the kid took the bait and is in the Top 3 in week 4. Snotty Parents kid fell by the wayside after round 2.

Tam's kid is as close to my own kid as I'll probably ever get. I've gotten to watch her grow up from age 5. She has always been engrossed by music. Bad Company was one of her favorite bands when she was 6. She plays guitar, plays bass, sings, writes music. She's just a super-talented, super-smart kid. She was around bands from the time she was 7 and has sung in front of a huge (for Coos Bay) crowd or two at the Fun Festival and the County Fair with ML when she was 10 or so. She knocked 'em dead with Aretha's "Respect" at the Fun Festival. She doesn't have that irritating broadway show style or Mariah Carey clone voice that so many girls have. She sings from her feet, I swear. She hits the notes and doesn't bother wavering around them or anything like that. She has a really strong voice. She's a blues singer, whether she knows it or not. She's even got that strut.

This year, I hope she can win. Because I'd love to see her leave the Snotty Parents (and so many of them are) with their jaws on the ground. She's had an unusual upbringing that I know some people tsk tsk over but she has the right attitude- that it isn't her problem if certain people don't like her. She's been working since she was probably 12, helping her mom at the shop and down at the farmer's market in the summertime. She has goals, she has steps laid out to meet those goals, and she attains them. I totally admire her for that (seeing as I lack that gene myself).

So I really have no doubt that she can win the thing. I know why she didn't the last two years and it had nothing to do with talent, but politics.

Anyway kiddo, I know you stop in here once in a while, and I'll drop in on your myspace page later, but hey - big giant stupid hippie hug with a side of squeal, otay? I'm stoked you consider me one of your moms.

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