Monday, July 07, 2008

Where the hell can I find some of that?

Recently a friend sent me a link to this article, Big Pharma is in a Frenzy to Bring Cannabis-Based Medicines to Market"

(on a side note, I hate references to "Big" anything. Oil, tobacco, pharmaceuticals... almost as much as I hate the much overused and beaten to death phrase "Wake-up call" and firmly believe that journalists, politicians and other useless hacks who use these phrases ought to have their mouths duct-taped and a smear of Vicks vapo-rub placed under each eye as well as on their upper lip, while someone chants all the wake-up calls at them through a bullhorn, a foot away, as the chanter hits a helium balloon every 90 seconds)

Anyway- speaking of useless hacks, we can add Britain's PM Gordon Brown to that slimy hole filled with total morons, as he says "I don't think that the previous studies took into account that so much of the cannabis on the streets is now of a lethal quality and we really have got to send out a message to young people -- this is not acceptable," (here, but also quoted in the first article.

Gordon Brown, as if you'd ever come across this, but if someone can find me, or anyone else, even ONE instance of someone smoking a j rolled of modern, "lethal" pot that resulted in that person dying on the spot, please forward it. Not someone who got in a deadly car accident while stoned and drunk. Someone whose death was a direct result of one dose of lethal marijuana. Similar to a heroin or cocaine overdose.

Find that, and my opinion of politicians might change just a little bit. Til then, shit-spewing, hand-in-my-pocket-taking-my-money-away, bullshit artists all, they shall remain. And a note to other politicians who are talking out their asses about things they know nothing about- sirs, better to keep your bonehole shut and be thought a fool than speak up and remove all doubt.

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