Thursday, July 17, 2008

pleased with myself

And it's ok to be pleased with one's self on occasion.

I dusted off some brain cells and pulled 7 or 8 New Model Army songs out of my acoustic yesterday. I learned them back when I first got a guitar (about 2 years after I got my first bass) and only come back to them once in awhile, like if I'm jammin alone on the porch or something. Their music still has a profound effect on me, 23 years after first hearing "51st State". It comes back easy. I know the music backwards and forwards, knew it before I learned to play it. Know all the words for every song on every album from the Vengeance album/EP to Strange Brotherhood. There have been albums released since Strange Brotherhood, but I don't have them.

When all my records were stolen from me in Arizona, the ones I was bummed out the most about were the NMA ones. Didn't care about the Metallica ones on Metalblade. Didn't care about the colored vinyl Misfits singles or the green double-live UK Subs album. Didn't really miss the BGK or Ill Repute. But to this day I am still angry about the NMA being taken. By a jackass ex-boyfriend who thought Jackyl and Love/Hate were the epitome of good music.

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