Monday, July 07, 2008

tastiest place in town


One is the dollar taco stand two blocks up the road from us. It's been there a year and today the smart half wanted mexican food so I told him to make a run up the block and get a cheap taco or six. He came back with a pounder burrito that was $5 and apparently worth every dollar. Even better because it's so close.

the other one, a downtown mainstay for two decades, Swan's Bistro. My first time in there today. Owned by my fellow crazy people. They crammed me full of food, poured a 40 oz iced latte down my gullet and then booted me out the door for good conversation and enjoyment of sunshine. GO THERE! They make those wonderful tea-marbled hardboiled eggs. One of the cooks spent years in Asia and came back with mad cooking skillz. it's the only place you can buy crepes in this town. Hellz yeah. My new hangout.

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