Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pretty neat guy

One of the coolest people around town that I know lives in a trailer court on the weird side of town (off Wiard street, which, although I know it's pronounced "Wy-ard", I will always call it "weird"). He's a disabled Viet Nam vet who served as a medic. Last year he decided to turn his life around and stopped taking the gnarly pain killers (methadone, oxycontine and morphine) that had been prescribed to him, took up swimming and biking and has made some great progress with his health. He also has it in his mind to be energy-independent and is working on various things to achieve this. He makes his own wine and rigged up a giant swamp cooler to cool his trailer. Giant, as in, the swamp cooler was probably on an office building before he got it, and now it sits outside his little trailer and blasts cold air in like nobody's business.

Yesterday I went over to say Hi (which I hadn't done in almost a month) and have a conversation and see what his newest deal was. Turns out he's been running a hydrogen generator on one of his cars to augment the gasoline. The experiment vehicle is his Trooper, but he also has an older Suburban with a 400 ci engine in it that he uses to haul stuff around in. My guess is that in town the 400 gets about 8-10 mpg. His mileage on the Trooper increased by about 8 with the small, homemade hydrogen generator. He put both of the generators together that he has for me yesterday and man it is something to watch. I didn't have the camera with me or I would have documented it all.

I'm going back over there over the weekend probably because I do want to document this thing.

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