Tuesday, July 29, 2008

cash in hand

aaaahhhhh.... some of the pressure is off.

Yesterday I got my first copyediting/proofreading job in hand. $75 worth. To check over is a manuscript for a book of poetry.

Poetry! How to proofread it?! Shouldn't be too hard. I'll look through it, see what the style is and mainly go for glaring spelling errors. Grammar can slide. Since my favorite poet of all time is ee cummings, I'm somewhat already on that plane as far as whacked out usage goes. Far and wee!

The author has invited me to their film society meetup, also, because she is looking for writers, musicians and anyone else that gets glued to a movie in any form. She also thinks the script writers would be happy to have my services available. She is also going to bring me to a local Women in Business meeting and see what happens there.

Also, while waiting in the parking lot at safeway yesterday I picked up a paying bass gig in September.

ALSO(!) I have been added to a list (consisting of two other people) a local attorney has for legal transcription.

See, I knew something would stick. I just had to keep throwing stuff. Throw it out there, then stand around and look good.

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