Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At least you didn't get this for Christmas

One of my friends has been on-and-off dating this asshole for years. I've only known her for about a year. Last year, she dumped him because he threw a table at her. Then, at some point this year, she got back together with him, and a few of us reacted with the rolling eyes and "That's really not a good idea". That's all you can do, usually, when your watching someone walk into a meat grinder for the umpteenth time, because people don't listen.

Yesterday i got a call from a number i didn't recognize, and it was her. The 54-year-old toddler (and i have witnessed a couple of his tantrums) had come home, grabbed her by her hair and pounded on her again, leaving her with a black eye and some other bumps and bruises, and broke her phone. Then he left and she went to her daughter's house and called the police. They called back within a half hour and had his lame ass in custody.

He is on probation, and he had three more months to go before he was going to be off probation. He's much stupider than i ever imagined. He's going to be there for a while, i hope.

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