Saturday, December 02, 2006

i have a question

well actually i have tons of questions. This one in particular, i probably know the answer to, and its one of those answers you don't really like.

If you get busted on a 3rd strike drug offense you should do more than one year in jail, correct? ("should" as in, I'm sure the law generally provides for more than one year in such a case. Not should as in, "well i think he should do more time")

Especially if the offense is for cooking meth in your house...

Where there are some kids and a girlfriend...

Who doesn't lose the kids, even though she's involved...

And she doesn't do any time either...

What does all that mean?

I think i know, because then there was this-
Someone else who got busted (but was only ticketed, due to it being a different drug) who had yet SOMEONE ELSE at their house who the FBI came and got...

First person (who did the year) calls the second person the day after the bust and says, "Hey i heard the FBI was at your house".

What the hell would you think? I have a jailhouse mentality. I've been in the system too long. The courts in three states have extorted plenty of money from me, so i automatically think something that's very dangerous to be thinking. If you slap this label on someone, you endanger them. So i'm not going to mention the label i'm thinking.

But what do YOU think?


  1. Is the word you search for "narc"? Hey Pril, you sent me socks, nice warm socks. I want to hug you, but I"m not much of a hugger and, you know, the distance thing. But I will say THANK YOU!!!! I wrote you a thank you card, but forgot to mail it in my big town trip today. Sorry. I love the socks. I have one pair on now. I think you're wonderful. Someday, we shall meet and we'll go out and have a blast. What do you think? Even regardless of my current fouled up stomach. We must do that, for the hell of it, go have a blast somewhere. But even if we don't, thank you for these nice socks and for just thinking to do it. I will be using that walmart card to get some, (big surprise) cat food!!!! I can't find your e-mail address. I am getting schizy.

  2. yes that is the word! I just wanted to see if it was just me or what. Thanks :)

    I'm glad you liked the socks. I felt kind of cheesy, you know, oh boy socks... but i love warm socks and consider them one of the small luxuries we all need. Especially the ones who spend so much time outside catching the kitties.

    Sometimes i travel up that way, and next time i do, i'll let you know and we can go out and have some toddies or something.