Saturday, December 09, 2006

psyching up for indoctrination camp

Well, in all the years i have pondered what i should head for in college, i may have figured it out finally. But first, we have to get the crapmobile out of the shop, and that's another $900 we get to throw at someone. It'll be nice to have two cars again. It's happened so rarely for us to have two working correctly at the same time. Usually the issues with them are something beyond my ability, space and tool collection to handle. (As an aside, every damn car i have ever had in my possession has had exhaust issues. I am so sick and tired of that.)

So, with any luck, i'm book bound in spring. I'm keepin it to myself until i get a thorough overview of what i want. I'll just say that my love of the outside world has a big influence on what i want to go for. I just want to talk to the instructors first and see if they are really instructors or just taking the opportunity to cram their ideology down the throat of young college suckers.

Of course, it will be transferrable. I don't know where we will be in five years, and i may not be done by then anyway.

Oh.. and Mike- *wink wink*

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