Saturday, December 23, 2006

guitar hero & 2

i hate this game so much. I think i hate it as much as i hate karaoke. If you want to play guitar, buy a freakin guitar and learn how to play it. Hell you don't even have to pay for lessons, just spend $4 on a guitar magazine every couple of weeks and you'll learn all kinds of stuff. You can buy a guitar for like $80 and if you like it, spend up later on a nicer one.

and now there's that singing one? I cant remember what its called.. like karaoke in your laptop or something. "The only way to rock". (i guess doing it on a stage with instruments in front of actual people doesn't count...) Pah. You know, the commercial for it has the two lamers at the mall singing the Worst Song The Cure Ever Recorded? That one.

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