Monday, December 18, 2006

benefit concert results!

The Blues Society had it's annual benefit concert on Saturday. It was the fifth one. Held at the VFW in downtown Klam Fallz.

We filled a big trash can with donated canned food, and there was a wad of bills in the bucket we had dedicated for donations to the food bank. The raffle was a big hit, and people walked out at the end of the night with a DeWalt drill kit, a nice acoustic guitar, guitar lessons, free gas, pounds of coffee, free coffee bucks, free lunches, discounts on clothes, a wok set, a knife set and a glassware set (which the crisis center won!), T-shirts, diamond earrings, a nice print of one of my photographs, and a lot of other stuff. I won a free LOF, a travel mug and bean bucks, and a gift certificate for the local lingerie shop (and of course they will have nothing in my size, so i'll probably spend it on socks or something lame like that). I wanted the guitar and the wok set, but the stuff i won was pretty darn cool.

Smart Half ran the sound, and all the bands sounded excellent! EXCELLENT! Good sound all over the hall. That's because he's awesome at running sound.

We raised almost $2000 for the Crisis Center.

So a thank you to everyone who came out for this, all the people who worked at the hall, the VFW, all the bands, all the businesses who donated things to raffle, everyone who helped move the heavy stuff around and set all the things up in the hall... thanks for making it a great big success. There are women and kids who are going to have a little brighter Christmas than they might have, now.

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  1. $2000! Very great work there plus it sounds like everyone had fun. Hey, I think I'm moving to red country---Linn County! Yeah. Not sure yet. Merry Christmas!