Wednesday, December 20, 2006

o boy!

More snow arriving! That is just so damn cool.

Our tree is up, and decorated. I still have some orney-mits to put on it. We will need a bigger tree next year. This one is loaded down. I didn't realize i had so many. Smart Half got all his on fairly quickly. However, it appears that when i was younger, my mom and i were ornament making fiends and there are half a billion of them now on the tree. And still like half a tub of them.

Smart Half and i each picked out something to buy and put on the tree. He mentioned something about he picked something he thought would work with the theme i seemed to have in mind. I think i had just mentioned that i prefer blue and silver stuff to red and green. Just me being perverse, probably. So he picked something silver. But a theme! Hell, it's Christmas, and that's the only theme i apply. Chaos reigns on the tree.

Although i love tinsel, we didn't do it. Something about having cats... there's nothing weirder than chasing down a cat with a piece of tinsel hanging out its ass that it ate while playing with the stuff. So, i don't do tinsel.

I took a picture of it today and i'll try to remember to unload it and get it on flickr and put it here.

Also, i have no idea when i am going to have access to my other blog. I'm thinking January, which kind of makes me pout a bit.

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  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    We used to do tinsel but I found it was too distracting