Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blues Benefit

Our annual benefit concert is NEXT WEEKEND! Holy cow! Yeah, next Saturday night (12/16) at the VFW. Four bands including the KBS Jam Band. That's just a group of members that changes from event to event and we get together and do these things as the KBS Jam Band.
Last year i believe we raised something like $5000 for the KYDC (and several families had Christmases they would not have normally had) and two big trashcans full of food for the Food Bank.

This year, our beneficiary is the Klamath Crisis Center and, again, the food bank.

We go around town and collect items and gift certificates from local businesses and raffle them off. Holiday Jewelers always kicks in something with diamonds. This year, someone may get a Blues-O-Gram from Natalie, Rachel and I. I'm donating at least one of my photographs, too. The local awesome guitar store kicks in a guitar.

Anyway if you are in the area and are looking for something to do Saturday night, roll on by the VFW at Klamath Ave and 5th street with a couple of bucks in hand and an item of nonperishable food.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Long drive, however. I might get disoriented and wind up on Bear Camp Road. You know how things go after that. Or maybe I could take the north side of Mt. Hood route to K. Falls for the blues bash. If I ran into the three hikers lost up there, I could, you know, leave them an extra bag of cat food to eat until the real rescuers came. Anyhow, sounds like great fun for a good cause!