Friday, December 08, 2006

Siam Thai

I finally got over to a local restaurant that i had been meaning to try since we got here. The Siam Thai on Washburn. Smart Half and I are both big fans of Thai food. Unfortunately, for the last decade, we have lived in places where Chinese food is about as exotic as it got. 'Cept the great Mediterranean cafes in North Bend, of course. Not that i have anything against Chinese food. I like Asian food in general, but Chinese gets old.

So i about soiled myself to see a Thai place. And so far, i have not been disappointed. Yesterday we had lunch there for the second time, and i was really enjoying the music coming in over the speakers. Oh and the food of course.

But anyway, the music... yes...
I hear a blues progression. Standard, very Western. And then, the vocals in Thai. The vocal melody was more Asian sounding, and the juxtaposition over the Western blues riff was really cool. Then another song came on, which was, like, prog rockish i guess, with very Western drum parts, electric guitars and meandering effects, but in the background, sort of buried in the mix, underrunning that Western feel was a distinctly Asian instrumentation and scale.

So i could just sit in there and eat fried bananas with honey sauce all day and trip on the music they play and be completely happy. I even asked them to turn up the music.

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