Tuesday, January 22, 2008

beyond and back

friday i worked and then went to leave town. Ran the car into a snow drift and killed an hour digging it out. That kind of thing only happens, of course, when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Got down the mountain and arrived safely up in Junction Shitty (all towns in Oregon have nicknames. Get over it). Djeef had his fabalus spaghetti waiting, and then we sat up in his drum room until the wee hours, talking, drinking, looking at some photo albums and listening to music. Up and out in the morning, we arrived in Booze Bay and had to convince Tam to come because she didn't want to arrive late, and it was now the Start Time. We all got to jam a couple of songs. It was interesting to see that most of the people who were playing are still playing, and playing the same tired, boring crap. Is it so fucking hard to learn a new song every year? Jeez. Some were still obsequious, some were still condescending assholes, some still the finest people on earth. Good to be home. Around dark, the cold hit me. Just slammed me. So much for having a few drinks or whatever. Knocked me right out. Sunday I spent being a miserable companion, but we watched "Metalocalypse" season one probably six times and that's always funny. Monday, the cold was kicking my ass, and still I had to get Djeef back to JC and make a stop in Methford before shuffling through the doorway at home.

Spent all weekend driving. It's ok. It was a good time. Goodbye Jim!

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