Thursday, January 17, 2008

it sucks, but...

sometimes i really roll on the bitching about living in Klamabama.. and you who read here don't even see the half of it. I was livid today by the time i got the damn tires on the car around 4 pm.

But on cold mornings, when the farms are buried in snow, and the ice coats the trees, and you see a bald eagle or two or three on Stateline road in the trees, or out on the frozen water, it ain't so bad. The sky is an impossible blue and everything else is black or white or a combination of the two, with some added color of a red or green barn, or the "Wong Potatoes" sign on Highway 39 (I always wonder if there might be a "Wight Potatoes" somewhere nearby). And the Scootypuff barrels through feet of snow with no effort, redeeming itself, and I get to giggle at monster, lifted, lugged out Ford F1billions high centered on a berm i just barreled over, and the neighbors little yapper dogs run crazily through the snowy yard, yapping.. yeah, it isn't so bad. When I get to come home on Wednesdays and go to a friends house, and there are five guitars playing and a mandolin, with a roaring fire in the woodstove and the Anubis dog wacking all of us with her tail, it ain't so bad at all.

2008 we celebrate a root- a noble root. The root that fed people through generations, in the New World and the Old. The root that died and forced a huge population to pull up stakes and come to this country. The root that once had 200,000 acres dedicated to it in the State of Oregon.. the lowly potato. 2008 is the year of the potato.

Did you know that? How cool. Celebrate the tater this year! Dress one up and take it out, extoll it's centuries of feeding us, it's virtue of being storable for long periods with out refrigeration.
See ya when i get back from the Bay.

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  1. Well, what do you know, Just tonite I had a dressed up tater sitting at my very dinner table, yummo!!