Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ring it in with Woolly Bully

Just arrived safely back at the house. Not only was I part of the Partier Support Crew (as a member of a band providing entertainment) but I was the designated dumbass for the Smart Half, Phyllis and her husband. Yeah, I stayed sober on NYE. Holee shit. Nah, I hab a code, and drinkin sucks when you're sick. I just didn't want the double misery of a hangover AND aqualung-ness.

We jammed your standard 9-2 gig. I have to say, for having never practiced together, and for at various times only 3/5 of us knowing any particular song, we kicked righteous ass. At some point, I was thinking we had been playing an awful long time. Turns out we played two hours straight through.

I did a little dance all night. I was directly in the path to the bathroom. There was really nowhere else to go. There was a blast of arctic air that occasionally froze me on the spot.

I spotted the manager of one of the stores I deal with. Waved at him, but I figured since I was incognito that he wouldn't recognize me. He came up later on, "I know you from somewhere!". I said he sure did, and reminded him where from. It was one of those kind of cool conversations that's like, "the secret life of neighbors". He was stunned to see me doing this. How funny.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Happy New Year!
    Glad you had a fun and sober one...
    Two hour set? Wow, I am tough but that would be a pull for me, especially on drums or bass (those arent strings, they are ropes!).
    Have a fun one and a very good New Year...

  2. I was bassin it in high heels with that arctic blast on my back. lol! I kept thinkin, WTF?! It isn't break time yet!?? But, y'know, to SAY that would have been to admit wimpiness.