Sunday, January 27, 2008

My #1 hit song

In 2005 i had an adventure in Ontario, OR. Then I wrote a song about it. A pretty damn stupid song, actually. I recorded it, threw it on a CD, and sent it to the person who had the adventure with me. Also sent it to another friend on the coast.

Both of these folks loved it, and learned it, and play it. They play it all the time for other people. Other people ask them to play it. It is even being sung at one of the middle schools on the coast (kind of alarming, but what the hell...). Both of them tell me that whenever they play it for people, the people love it. One of them recorded his own version of it ( he sent me a text message, "I covered your song!")

I really can't believe people love this song as much as these two tell me they do.

So then, tonight, I played it for one of the blues society guys. He works for a major music distributor. Even he liked it. He said I have a good grip on how I space my words out.

I just think, "man, you guys have GOT to be kidding. It's the dumbest song in the whole world". But there you have it.

A song about getting wasted and getting arrested is popular on the southwest coast, and in the northeast corner of the state. Now gaining popularity down here in 'Bama. And I wrote it. Too strange.

I suppose this means I will have to soon create a new myspace thing in the music section with it, and throw a couple of my other songs up there, too. I don't have it uploaded anywhere anymore.


  1. Wait, wait, wait.

    How the hell does anyone have an adventure in Ontario?

  2. One spends a week drinking and drinking and drinking and playing guitar in 80+ degrees with 90% humidity and not eating much beyond a couple of cheeseburgers, because the smell of the Ore-Ida processing plant across the street is strong enough to make you not hungry. Then, one gets arrested. I've had adventures in unusual places.

  3. Congratulations about your song!