Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Girl with film

Long before my digital camera started acting up and taking weird, fuzzy pictures, i got bored with digital. My problem was that each of my film cameras had something wrong with them. One only takes pictures at 1/3200. One jams when you try to advance it. One scrapes a big line across the film, all the way through it. So my issue was usually, "Which one is going to piss me off the least?"

None.. as it happens. Smart Half's mom sent me an older Minolta 7000 Maxxus AF. for a b-day present. It has a bayonet style body, and all my lenses are screw-type, but adapters are available. Hells yeah. i totally have to learn to use this, it's all automatic. My film cameras are all strictly manual. That was great for learning how to manipulate light and grain for black and white. I am wondering if it has a switch for killing all the automatic features...

I also have to go prowling around for film for my two ancient (early '20s) box cameras and a second or third gen Brownie. I must have 15 other cameras besides my three main bodies, all with hard to find film sizes. The only one I don't have, I think, is a disk camera. Had one, though :P


  1. 120's easy to find, and even 620 can be found on the internet (if you were in Portland, say, you could go to Blue Moon and buy that sort of thing in person).

    If you've got a lot of M42 screw-mount lenses you should lust after the recently-discontinued Bessaflex. Just like a modern manual SLR, except with an M42 thread.

    Or, for cheap, you can get a Mamiya 500-series screw-mount SLR with a built-in meter that will probably even work, for like $20 on eBay.

  2. I don't need to buy any more friggin cameras. All together I have almost 20. The only camera I've ever lusted after was one that works right! The way I am with guitars is how I am with cameras, too. Does it work? Does it work EVERY TIME? Excellent. And fuck eBay. lol!