Saturday, January 05, 2008

two road trips woot@!

Monday to Bend for me birfday and then the weekend of the 19th out to Booze Bay for Jim. I think I'm looking forward to the Booze Bay trip more, because I'll be surrounded by old friends, best friends, great friends, teachers, mentors and my fellows in general. The group of people who welcomed me no matter that I was a Californian and a little on the odd side. I talked to Djeef today and we're both excited to hang out again. Talked to The Man So Nice They Named Him Twice yesterday. Haven't really gotten to talk to him much since long before we moved here. I'll be callin Tam tomorrow and yakkin her ear off, too. Can't wait to see her and the offspring, and the Hoov and Charlie, and all the riverfolk who will be there- Bihner and Pam and Al and LL and maybe the tiny redhead will be in town, too... and Mary and Francois and Nubbs and Spike and it'll be good to see Lindstrom if he's going to be there too.

Eh, the leather pants don't fit yet, but on my summer trip out there, they will. THEY WILL!!!!

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