Friday, January 04, 2008

Fabulous weather

A lot of people in McCloud were up in arms, squealing with glee or loudly grumbling when I was there on Wednesday. The rumor was that the NWS was predicting 8-10 feet of snow over the weekend. O Rly? Sounds fun!

I keep my eye on the weather down there because i DO have to drive in it. At least this is supposed to blow over by next Weds. As of last night, the prediction was blizzard conditions for that area, with heavy snow such that 89 might not be passable. Further to the southeast, Truckee was looking at, I guess, up to 10 inches per hour.

I bet the DWPs of points further south are drooling at the snowpack predictions.

Right now, in the lovely basin- and it really is gorgeous here in the winter- I'm looking at about 2 or three inches in the backyard that started coming down as slush around 8 am. all of the branches that blew off the trees last night are nearly covered over. I looked at the lake yesterday and it's frozen over. That just looks cool as a York.


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