Monday, January 14, 2008

conehead cat

Oafus Maximus, aka Spot, had an expensive trip to the vet today. She had some gunk deep down in her ears and had created a hematoma on one of them from scratching at it. I thought it was ear mites so i went to put ear mite medicine in her ears and got it into one and then noticed the other one was swollen. That was Saturday afternoon, so i had to wait until this morning to take her in.

Good news is, for a cat born in '93, she's in really excellent health except for some arthritis in her hips, and the vet gave us some medicine to help relieve the pain from that so she can get around a little better.

This didn't put us back in the hole, but it made a big dent in what we have, but we still have some left over and can still get the tires we had to order... o i never mentioned that... we had to ORDER tires for the Fo because no one in town had any in stock. I couldn't believe it. Two different sizes came stock on the Fo for '92, and NEITHER were available around town. Lots of partial sets, but not 4. And people wonder why there are times that i just want to choke the crap out of any local-born I come across. Rural Oregonians, I love you guys, but the way you run some of your businesses often has much to be desired. I need to shut up- I've been here since '96. I know this stuff, I just forget.

But anyway, Spot has a cone on her head now. She has stitches in her ear. She doesn't look as pathetic as Py did with his little orange casts on his feet, but she just came over, sat next to me and gave me the look. She's pissed off at me. Well. *smirk*

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