Sunday, May 25, 2008


so bored this weekend. I was supposed to go to the McCloud Arts Festival and did not. If I filled my tank to go yesterday, the money wouldn't be there to fill it when I have to work down there on Wednesday. I have to get out to visit on the coast, next weekend or the weekend after. A friend needs me there.

So I occupy myself by looking over this stack of shit I wrote back when I wrote constantly, in the 90s. The stuff didn't make it into my Shit from Brains book for whatever reason, so I'm reworking a lot of it into songs. Reading a lot of it is hard. I managed to literally and figuratively cram a lot of that period in to a box and keep it there. It's masochistic of me to be reading it again. I got through it by writing about it and maybe it is time to revisit it and close a lot of it up.

At least there is the jam at Topper's today. Unless it rains. ugh. So bored. heh.

I figured out Dancing Barefoot last night. I'd heard it done on a country station (which kind of blew my mind, actually) on Friday so I kept it in my head til yesterday afternoon and worked it out. Easy-peasy.

But the boredom, it begets restlessness, which begets me doing really stupid things to entertain myself, so I have to keep my thumb on that because it's now been two years since I've had any dealings with police and I am determined to keep it that way. This is not the time to buy a bottle of booze.

I miss my friends. I miss some people from a long time ago (they are dead. No contacting them on MySpace).

Hafta give the pewhead his shot.

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