Tuesday, May 13, 2008

awesomeness post #15

I am still looking for music by regular folks to play on my radio show.


(So far, I have played these people-)
Rosemary's Billygoat (one of my friends in high school)
Blarney Bros (Great Irish drinking music out of Coos Bay)
Rollins Jenni (Rudy in Ontario)
Strong Medicine (my old drummers most recent project, out of Junction City)
Manifest List (my old band)
List of Forbidden Books (local KF band)

That's awesome too.

Trying to get PersePhone3 to send me some stuff. She's out of Long Beach CA and I have missed her very much since 1992.

Beeb says a CD is coming.

Silverhawk (originally of Coos Bay, now in Olympia) is on deck whenever I find their CD among the ones in the garage.

All of that is awesome.

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