Friday, May 02, 2008

How Puddin is doing or "Ever Fallen In Love"

Wednesday I was playing Puddin with some friends and we were all laughing about pistachio pudding.

Yesterday at the store, I ran into one of those friends at the store. She was buying a mat to sleep on for camping. She got in line next to me and we were giggling about something, when the woman in front of us triumphantly held up a box of pistachio pudding for the cashier, saying "I almost gave up looking for this when I found it" (a funny enough turn of phrase in itself), and my friend and I about died right there in line laughing.

I go five years without seeing, tasting, mentioning or hearing about pistachio pudding, then suddenly get a guitar that looks and plays like the stuff, and then come across someone who was desperately searching for it.

But this guitar, I tell you, it's like being in love. I leave places early so I can "go home and play my guitar". I take it out of its case, look at it, inspect it for the millionth time, play a song on it and put it away, only to do it all over again a couple of hours later. I pine for it when I'm away from it. I would send it stalker-like text messages if I could. Love letters. Dirty messages on its voice mail. I played it at the jam last night and someone said "You and that guitar were made for each other". I can't keep my hands off it if it's out of its case and within sight. I get PISSED OFF if I want to get home and play it and something gets in my way. I daydream about it in my classes and at work.

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