Monday, May 12, 2008

gathering them up

Spent about an hour last night having a semi-drunken conversation with the publisher of a local newspaper. Not our big one, but the one all the snooty people call a rag. Well, you know.. as it goes... he's runnin a newspaper (with a distribution of about 30,000) and what the hell are you doing?

He was drunk, me not so much. Anyway, I think I will be having him come on the show, if he remembers what the scrunched up paper in his pocket is all about.

anyway it was nice to run into another person- and I run into these people a lot in KF, actually- who agrees its best to get outside your echo chamber once in a while and observe that people who don't necessarily agree with you aren't the enemy. That the true enemy is the people who tell us it's US vs THEM in our country. US being whatever label you stick on yourself and THEM being the ones who don't share the label.

I don't have an echo chamber anymore. Having a small attention span, the yammering and hollering and airs or superiority got old real fast. I actually enjoy talking to people who don't agree with me 100% on everything.

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