Sunday, May 18, 2008

fantastic conversation

yesterday the guy who gave me Puddin called me up to see if I needed an amp, but I already have one I really enjoy. But we had a much longer conversation, about roots music and the two trunks that formed modern American music, and my show, and musicology, and delta blues and RL Burnside and T-Bone Ford (both the subject of the documentary "You See Me Laughin", which is chock full of great music and blues history).

He said he had caught part of my show yesterday morning and liked it. He wasn't much into the music itself, but enjoyed that I play a wide range of stuff and good selection of oddball music.

And then he gave me a humongous compliment: "Your show kind of reminds me of Dr Demento".

I'm not out to copy the good doctor, but I do hope some of the music I play makes people laugh. We all need to laugh, especially when the world looks like its coming apart at the seams.


  1. O-WOW.

    You remind him of Dr D?

    You. Are. Awesome.

  2. i know. that's why it was such a huge compliment. I don't pattern my show after him and I don't actively try to be him, but apparently the fact that I'm a fan bleeds right through the airwaves.