Sunday, May 25, 2008

the fixx

over the years i've taken a lot of crap for being a fan of The Fixx. I just love their stuff, ok? Always have. Cy Curnin has an unusual and interesting voice, the music was angles and lines, with the vocal rhythms wandering away from the instrumental ones. So I had to go change my pants when i found this page-

Fixx Sound File Archive

-while trying, again, to find the right chords for "Two Different Views". I have a wonderful acoustic version of that song but I haven't been able to nail it yet.

There's a ton of oddball Fixx recordings there. So, if you like them too, go check it out.

PS will somebody PLEASE tell me what key that damn song is in before I go crazy? It has an F in it of some kind... that's all i have been able to figure out.


  1. Someone's dissing your Fixxitude?

    Let me know where they are.

    I'll take 'em out.

  2. Hi,

    Here are the chords I figured out.

    Cm - D# - D# - Bb for the intro/verse
    Fm - Cm - Fm - Cm for middle