Monday, May 12, 2008

Pril won't eat it, and she'll eat just about anything

One of the guys around here that I have jammed with told me about a project he's trying to put together. He really kind of danced around with it and when he finally got to his point i understood why he danced around with it.

He wants to start a band that plays top 40 country (right about now i ran off to the parking lot and barfed. No joke). He wants me to be in the band on the bass (already barfed once. Nothing left to barf). Everyone he talked to said, and he quoted "There's no fucking way you are ever going to get Pril to play that". Sho 'nuff. I considered it for a few minutes. He said "I want a bass player that isn't older than dirt and has their teeth still". Yah, ok.. I'm that. I mulled some more.

"Ok, my friend. I'm thinkin about it. But! BUT!! You gotta be willing to sneak in some altish-country-ish stuff that I like" because here's the deal- I'm willing to play music I hate, i mean I already do it and I have been doing it since I started playing the bass, but when the person who asks me to play with them totally discounts my opinion and my own musical history, and then expects me to cheerily play crap that makes my eyes bleed, they can cram it as far as I'm concerned. They can find another bass player.

The main reason I'm actually contemplating this is that this guy is a great singer, good musician, and writes pretty good songs. He's very talented in that regard, I have always enjoyed jamming with him. I really only know him sort of superficially. I have been told he can be an asshole, but it seems like its the kind of asshole I can deal with. The fact that he agreed to sneak in some altish-country-ish stuff if I decided to join his project is encouraging.

And once we got going with it I could really finally dump the job. Which I don't actually hate, just find unchallenging and tedious. I did try to quit it a couple of weeks ago but they talked me in to staying on.

Plus, if I could find a rodeo queen outfit, i'd have a place to wear it, and that's a big plus. Totally.

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